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Yogeshwari Ambajogai

"Kuladevi" is the sacred goddess of every Maharashtrian family. She protects the family from the evil, loves and cares about her disciples. Every Brahmin family has a "Kuladevi" according to the family's "Gotra". Shree Yogeshwari (Ambejogai), Shree Navadurga (Guhagar), Shree Vindhyavasini (Ravtale), Shree Durgadevi (Murud), Shree Kelmai (Ashti), Shree Mahalaxmi (Kolhapur), Shree Kanjeshwari (Chiplun), Shree Mahakali (Adivre) are the "Kuladevatas" of the Brahmin families.
    Shree Yogeshwari (Ambejogai) of beed is said to be the "Kuladevi" of Chitpavan Kokanastha Brahmin families. 

Culturally very important town of Ambajogai has the oldest temple of the Goddess Yogeshwari has been famous since long. The structure of the temple is in Hemadpanti Style. Delicate carvings on the pillars are attractive. Adjoining north gate is located the ‘Sarveshwar Teerth’. Adjoining the west gate are the temples of various deities.

A kilometer or two from the Yogeshwari Temple, on the hill of Balghat, lie the Samadhi of Saint Mukundraj, the first Marathi poet who wrote the famous verse – ‘Viveksindhu’ (Sea of Reason). Saint poet Dasopant also had stayed here and composed his verses (Pasodi).

Nearby Attractions :- Mukundraj Swami Samadhi, Dasopant Swami Samadhi, Buttenath Cave, Sankleshwar Mandir, Renukai Devi Mandir, Hatti Khana (Ancient Caves), Amleshwar Mandir, Putreshwar Mandir, Kholeshwar Mandir, Nagnath Mandir, Kashi Vishveshwar Mandir.

Shree Yogeshwari Devi Temple - Ambajogai (Dist. Beed)
Parshuram Temple, Chiplun
Parshuram Temple, Chiplun
Parshuram Temple, Chiplun